Friday, March 29, 2013


Yesterday, incredible word, whatever today's happen, even happy or sad, after the date, everything was gone, the new days come, anything just belong yesterday.

In other words we say:
1. The day immediately before today.
2. The recent past.
Another says:
1. On the day preceding today.

Furthermore, in my personal opinion, yesterday could mean any others, such as past time, past ages, past day, past moment, past year, past life, past memory, all of then could say yesterday in some special case.

Yesterday, today, or the future?

The first idea came out from these three words.
Which I though, it is yesterday, it is past, your past has gone, your yesterday bury in your life, but there still has a hope, you want catch it, catch the tomorrow, the future. And the arm just like you are in the today, you are struggling. 

Second idea.
Yesterday, yesterday for memorize. Yesterday, time was gone, everything has gone and never come back, yesterday could be a beautiful dream, yesterday, maybe just what we looking for, but now, everything change. 

Third idea.
Yesterday can be happy, can be a story, can be a moment that you never forgot it, but you miss it, never can find it, yesterday be coming a dream, a memories.

Thinking something in deeper, yesterday past, new days come, but something change your life, such as a rich man, leave hotel at midnight, because something, when morning came, he was turned to a beggar. Yesterday, or today, just one night, but something happened, change you everything.

A rich man leave hotel at midnight, he tread a banana peel, tumble on the stair, tumble to the street, everything was gone, after morning came, he sit on the street, change to a beggar. 

Well, first, I need set up some element, may be I will use it in my work, and also I need to do the thumbnail work too


Now, work on the thumbnail

Then, what I should do, oh yes, I need to more detail and much clean of the stage.

Ok, now go to the ink stage, just copy it again. Give some nice impact.

See, the ink it is much better looking then pencil, right. After, make some light or dark shadow, let it more impact in the final work.

Looks grate, have some taste in comic book, hope you enjoy.

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