Sunday, January 27, 2013



One more draw today, also, pencil & ink, of course, color will be nice, but sometimes black and white would more impact, hope you can see what I draw, well, need much more work on the line arts, but difficult control my hand. Keep trying.



Most time, I like drawing colorful, but this time I try simpler, only pencil and ink, hope people enjoy.

The ghost will eat your sprit when you sleep, you get nightmare all the time. Take care of you family, and child, don't let them catch you.

When you are child, do your family tell you about that?
Show you some Chinese ghost



How looks like, yes, you can say it is a very special from of artistic expression.

Friday, January 25, 2013


hope in this new year, just like the wings, can fly in the sky, can fly high. in last year, because my personal reason, everything get stuck, this time, hope i can get more stronger sprits to work some beautiful works.

wings can means so many things, can fly , can dream, here i think what i can get, what image can shows feel fly. i love warming, i love colorful, i love soft, just like a wind blow on you face in summer.
so, i have draw some dragonfly, one of them set on the flower, feels a lot of leisure in the summer time.