Saturday, March 9, 2013


At past some days, some subject came out, it is can be say there it is not good at all, only can say, my warming up finish at all, and get most steps for my drawing process.

Today’s subject it is the word" Whisper". First, I have done some brainstorm.

Think about which meaning come out from the word:

1. Speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords.
2. The light noise like the noise of silk clothing or leaves blowing in the wind.

Keep thinking the idea from the mean two, image it, a girl sit on the floor, her long hair blowing in the wind, and there is a noise from somewhere, drift into her ear.

Second, meaning from speaks softly, in a low voice.

Once more, take brainstorm again; think about what the deep idea inside. How about you childhood, I think most child love to read fairy story, how about an elf speaking beside your ear.

After, there are some more idea about speak softly, in a low voice.
Low voice, soft voice, think in more deep feeling, how soft, how sweetly, how comfortable when your MON singing a song, let her child go to sleep. Yes, other image comes out.

When idea comes out, choose one of my idea, and do the resource, research the elements I want, like, I choose second idea, and they must has a big face and one little elf. Then, some quick sketch, and get ready for those elements.

The element will to do an elf’s' wing.
Will use idea or color to elf
After brainstorm and do some quick sketch, now, put it on the second stage, use you quick sketch to bitmap, fill the color to the face, elf again.

after some detail.

Now, get a wing to the elf.

Now, because you choose the idea from fairy story, the child loves', so, your range came out, that be child's arts, for child, would be fun and colorful. That is how you create your colorful image. So, you need to select what color for the background and how can be interesting for the child. Then, work on the colorful stage, and then, give some effect.

The final stage, every element come out, now, mix then together.

Because this is for child, and fairy story for child love, so, this image I think, the best it is a cover page for a fairy story book, or an illustrator in a story. Let me give a name of this illustrator, maybe we can call this " elf's whisper".

Something like this.

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