Friday, March 29, 2013


Yesterday, incredible word, whatever today's happen, even happy or sad, after the date, everything was gone, the new days come, anything just belong yesterday.

in other words. one say:
1. the day immediately before today.
2. the recent past.
another say:
1. on the day preceding today.
2. in the recent past a short time ago.

furthermore, in my personal opinion, yesterday could mean any others, such as past time, past ages, past day, past moment, past year, past life, past memory, all of then could say yesterday in some special case.

yesterday, today, future?

the first idea came out from these three words.
which i though, it is yesterday, it is past, your past has gone, your yesterday bury in your life, but there still has a hope, you want catch it, catch the tomorrow, the future. and the arm just like you are in the today, you are struggling. 

second idea.
Yesterday, yesterday for memorize. Yesterday, time was gone, everything has gone and never come back, yesterday could be a beautiful dream, yesterday, maybe just what we looking for, but now, everything change. 

third idea.
yesterday can be happy, can be a story, can be a moment that you never forgot it, but you miss it, never can find it, yesterday be coming a dream, a memories.

Thinking something in deeper, yesterday past, new days come, but something change your life, such as a rich man, leave hotel at midnight, because something, when morning came, he was turned to a beggar. yesterday, today, just one night, just something, but change you everything.

a rich man leave hotel at midnight, he tread a banana peel, tumble on the stair, tumble to the street, everything was gone, after morning came, he sit on the street, change to a beggar. 

well, first , i need set up some element, may be i will use it in my work, and also i need to do the thumbnail work too


now, thumbnail, the stage what i will work to.

then, what i should do, oh yes, i need to more detail and much clean of the stage.

ok, now take to ink stage, just copy it again. give some nice impact.

see, the ink it is much better looking then pencil, right. after, make some light or dark shadow, let it more impact in the final work.

looks ok, have some taste in comic book, hope you enjoy .

Sunday, March 24, 2013

eye glasses

Optical instrument consisling of a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision.
only this too academic explanation. i am thinking, what it is that? only eye glasses? only an glasses that people wearing on the eyes, does have any other meaning, does he have any something in deep?

for general idea

glasses wearing on eyes called eye glasses, but actually two ground with glass and call it for glasses, it is input in our mind, so, basicly, not only wearing on eyes, can be anywhere, put on the table, taking in the hand, hang over on the T-shirt, to be like hairpin, put on hair. many ideas.

but how about some deep thinking.
if we say, the eyes, it is the window as your heart, show anything for your real spirit, then, how about glasses?
eye glasses, help people see the seens more clearly, like a weapon, help you making more stronger. so, eye glasses making stronger for your eyes which they seen, and eyes it is the window for your heart, show more real in your spirit. it can be say:

eye glasses--weapon--stronger to see more clear, to see more real from your heart.

now, somthing come out from my mind.

In 500 years ago, when the wars came, the night will most stable and safe, because they can't see at night, but now, because the science and technology development fast, and they have change the world so much, so, as the night can't help to protection us any more.

look this picture, why it is green, and all around it is so dark, because they used something to see it. what we called that "night vision system".
see, as i said, two ground with some glass and wearing on eyes, but more stronger, more help to see in the dark that natural eyes can't see. and mostly, it is used into the war as a support weapon system.

so, i have some imagination. looks like normal glasses but have the night vision system, the glass going green, and also have a target line on the glass, so, sure, this nor normal glass , will keep going. i miss the ear hold bar here. then, after create one.

very fashion? i guess so,.

well, not set up the background, show what happened in dark side, looks you well see go though the glasses.

put the glasses to the background.

now, you can see some,thing came out, but we also need some act, something we need to see.
now, we have seen a people, maybe he or she wearing hat and taking something, right?

than, what i can do after, what i could used  this image for?

oh, yes, can be a Advertising. selling this product.
this just work well for some small business advertising, or some people do not like to pay much for the advertising. so, they may be just put in somewhere in a corner in a magazine or news paper, somewhere else.

Friday, March 15, 2013


today's subject it is "talent'. when i get this special word, i have a lot idea coms from, this is a beautiful word. why i love it so much, because this is a tv show call the "American got talent" and "Britain's Got Talent“. and the show it is coming all the world, normal people have a choice to be a star, talent can be anything, from anywhere, any special, as singing, dance, magic,acrobatic, play instrument, talk show, imitation show, animal show, and so on, and show can be original,weird, or mixed any styles. i have watch then at all, each season at last 10 years, i stronger to recommended you to watch then.

well, come back to our design, for "talent", there some meaning here;
1. a gift, natural abilities or qualities.
2. a person who possesses unusual innate ability in some field or activity.

This just basic explanation  the word, but how we to show, to proof this abilities.
first, we think about dance, when we think of that, what it is the first dance come out from you mind, i think, perhaps, it is ballet. so, find some picture to make reference, and do some quick sketch. Do they beautiful?

In here, i will talk about ballet, the dance how beautiful, how elegant and delicate. in his history, what it is the most outstanding achievements, i think, there is a show which called "swan lake", as detail, go to the link 

swan ,  dancer, dress, feathers. after i have seen all this element, i find out something in my mind, and do the sketch.

Second, acrobatic, i don't know much of it, only seen it on movie, not much in real, so just find out some picture for reference. 

and also do a quick sketch.

third, i think talent also be a people who they are genius, unusual metal ability , they use it to work on it, use their gift to take something better.

special gift can be: power, voice, memory, or can be special to do something, such as sports, good thinking, 

and analysis. 

Then, an idea quick come out, sketch.

Well, now, three idea come out, for sure, ballet will the challenge. and good to making a post, something like that.

later will continue  to look around how to draw the dancer in color. 

Now, set up the background for the dance first.

Now, it is main act, the dancer. Do some layout first, after detail.

more detail about act

hair, find some hair fashion, then, think about how work together with the feathers.

after, put some feathers.

Now, put the main act to the background.

this is the final art's work, next, put some text on, make it look like some post.

now, it is complete.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


At past some days, some subject came out, it is can be say there it is not good at all, only can say, my warming up  finish at all, and get most steps for my drawing process.

today's subject it is the word" Whisper". first, i have do some brian storm.

think about which meaning come out from the word:

1. Speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords.
2. The light noise like the noise of silk clothing or leaves blowing in the wind.

keep thinking the idea from the mean two, image it, a girl sit on the floor, her long hair blowing in the wind, and there is a noise from some where, drift into her ear.  

second, meaning from speak softly, in a low voice.

once more, brain storm, think about. how about you childhood, i think most child love to read fairy story, how about a elf speaking beside your ear.

After, there some more idea about speak softly, in a low voice.
low voice, soft voice, think in more deep feeling, how soft, how sweetly, how comfortable when your MON singing a song, let her child go to sleep. yes, other image comes out.

when idea comes out, choose one of my idea, and do the resource, research the elements i want,  like, i choose second idea, so, there must has a big face and one little elf. Then, do some quick sketch, also, get ready for those elements.

the element use to elfs' wing.

will use idea or color to elf
After brainstorm and do some quick sketch, now, put it on the second stage, use you quick sketch to bitmap, fill the color to the face, elf again.

after some detail.

now, get a wing to the elf.

Now, because you choose the idea from fairy story, the child loves', so, your range came out, that be child's arts, for child, would be fun and colorful. that be how you create your colorful image. so, you need to select what color for the background and how can be interesting for the child. then, work on the colorful stage, and then, give some effect.

The final stage, every element come out, now, mix then together.
because this is for child, and fairy story for child love, so, this image i think, the best it is a cover page for a fairy story book, or a illustrator in a story. let me give a name of this illustrator, maybe we can call this " elf's whisper".

something like this.