Friday, March 15, 2013


Today’s subject it is "talent'. When I get this special word, I have a lot idea comes from, this is a beautiful word. Why I love it so much, because this is a TV show call the "American got talent" and "Britain's Got Talent“. And the show it is coming all the world, normal people have a choice to be a star, talent can be anything, from anywhere, any special, as singing, dance, magic acrobatic, play instrument, talk show, imitation show, animal show, and so on, and show can be original, weird, or mixed any styles. I have watch then at all, each season at last 10 years, I stronger to recommended you to watch then.

Well, come back to our design, for "talent", there some meaning here;
1. A gift, natural abilities or qualities.
2. A person who possesses unusual innate ability in some field or activity.

This just a basic explanation of the word, but how to show, and how to proof this abilities, this is the problem.
First, we think about dance, when we think of that, what it is the first dance comes out from you mind, I think, perhaps, it is ballet. So, find some picture to make reference, and do some quick sketch. Do they beautiful?


In here, I will talk about ballet, the dance how beautiful, how elegant and delicate. In his history, what it is the most outstanding achievements, I think, there is a show which called "swan lake", as detail, go to the link 

Swan, dancer, dress, feathers. After I have seen this entire element, I find out something in my mind, and do the sketch.

Second, acrobatic, i don't know much of it, only seen it on movie, not much in real, so just find out some picture for reference. 

and also do a quick sketch.

Third, I think talent also be a people who they are genius, unusual metal ability, they use it to work on it, use their gift to take something better.

Special gift can be: power, voice, memory, or can be special to do something, such as sports, good thinking, 

And analysis. 

Then, an idea comes out quickly, and sketch.

 Well, now, three ideas come out, for sure, ballet will the challenge. Also a good way it is to making a post, something like that.

Later will continue to look around how to draw the dancer in color. 

Now set up the background for the dance first.

Now, it is main act, the dancer. Do some layout first, after detail.

more detail about act

Hair, finds some hair fashion, then, think about how work together with the feathers

After, put some feathers

Now, put the main act to the background.

This is the final art's work, next, put some text on, and make it look like some post

now, it is complete.

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