Sunday, March 24, 2013

eye glasses

The optical instrument consisting of a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision.

Only had this too academic explanation. I am thinking, what it is that meaning? Only eyeglasses? Only a glasses that people wearing on the eyes, does have any other meaning, does he has any something in deep?

For general idea

Glasses wearing on eyes called eye glasses, but actually two ground with glass and call it for glasses, it is input in our mind, so, basically, not only wearing on eyes, can be anywhere, put on the table, taking in the hand, hang over on the T-shirt, to be like hairpin, put on hair. Many ideas.

When was in some deeply thinking.
If we say, the eyes, it is the window as your heart, show anything for your real spirit, then, how about glasses?
Eye glasses, help people see things more clearly, like a weapon, help you making stronger. So, eye glasses making stronger for your eyes, which they seen, and eyes it is the window for your heart, show more real in your spirit. It can be say:

Eye glasses--weapon--stronger to see more clearly, to see more real from your heart.

Now, something comes out from my mind.

In 500 years ago, when the wars came, the night will most stable and safe, because they can't see at night, but now, because the science and technology development fast, and they have change the world so much, so, as the night can't help to protection us any more.

Look this picture, why it is green, and all around it is so dark, because they used something to see it. What we called that "night vision system".

See, as I said, two ground with some glass and wearing on eyes, but more stronger, more help to see in the dark that natural eyes can't see. And mostly, it is used into the war as a support weapon system

So, I have some imagination. Looks like: A normal glasses with the night vision system, the glass going green, and also have a target line on the glass, so, sure, this nor normal glass, will keep going. I miss the ear hold bar here. Then, after create one.


very fashion? i guess so,.

Well, not set up the background; show what happened in dark side, looks you well see go though the glasses.

Put the glasses to the background.

Now, you can see something came out, but we also need some act, something we need to see.

Now, we have seen a people, maybe he or she wearing hat and taking something, right?

Than, what I can do after, what I could used this image for?

Oh, yes, can be Advertising. Sell this product.

This just work well for some small business advertising, or some people does not like to pay much for the advertising. So, they may be just put in somewhere in a corner in a magazine or newspaper, somewhere else.

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