Monday, January 23, 2012

week 2 "prepare" artist chosen introduction

 he was an illustrator whose work lives on in the memories of generations of Americans who read and loved Little Golden Books. This particular book with its wonderful and funny pictures, Little Peewee or, Now Open The Box was written by Dorothy Kunhardt in 1934, but illustrated by Miller as a Little Golden Book in 1948. 
Why that image inspired you
Only I can say the reason I choose this artist work, it is let me remember my childhood, and it is just like child dawning, colorful and lovely.
What aspects of that artist's work you intend to incorporate in your own efforts
I think only I can do it is try to make the act funny and cute.

It is time to post the second word "prepare".

First, we should know what it is "prepare" about. The word prepare is used as a verb. It has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word prepare. Old French adapted it preparer and as prepare by Middle English. When someone prepares something, he is said to make it ready or arrange it. For example: their teachers prepared the students for the tests. Prepare could also mean to put together or mix various substances or elements to form something different. It could also mean 'to manufacture or compound.' For example: He prepared a sweet dish for his mother. He made it ready for someone or something.

Prepare could also mean 'to fit out or equip'. For example: he prepared the car for the forest trip. It means that he fitted the necessary things into the car and fuelled it. In musical context, prepare is to lead to a pitch and soften the impact. Example: he was prepared for the interview. Here, prepare is used intransitively.

Here it is some idea come from:

The frog prepared to catch the bug.
He wants prepared to add some furniture
It could also mean 'to manufacture or compound. For example: He prepared a cake for his mother.

In there I try to think about to prepared to the race, the three letters it is means to count down, and then people speed up to run out, and large space to show it is a big race.

This it is I try to make the image, like which he did, make like child dawning, hopes the act it is fun and cute.

Note: take some comments for those post, I don't know what I did it is ok or not, almost what I did just an Illustration.

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  1. Very nice work, Kai. I like the way you described your steps from the beginning, and showed the stages of development. I hope you'll do more children's storybook illustrations. This one turned out quite good!