Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello!  This is my new blog and I'm going to show you my graphic designs here.

Ok, here it is the time to post the design assignment on Monday class. This it is assignment about international women day.

In this three color image which it was I chosen from AI parker, I chosen those image because it is complete to show up that how women happy and beautiful.

Above of them, it is my idea about international women day. First draft it is about title what it is look like, think about fonts and space what they want use. Then, in the second page, it is the main body will looks like, here I get three idea, first it is like what I chosen that three peoples, one women, one young lady, and a girl, and the action it is they are dancing in ballet, and second idea just simple, three different happy smile face with three kind jobs, and many flowers around face, but there are not good idea, but go thought of them, I have idea came out, well, still three women, in three really representative women jobs: teacher, business women, and house wife. Although, they are not any famous people, but I think if it is for international peoples, that means to all the people, all women, not just for some one, so I chosen this three women's job because it is sample to show how women's life, and those three group peoples in the social it is more big than any others.

Well, there it is a question, if like what I did and the end to say, or to introduction something, it is easy use software to do that, but as you say we will do it on paint, then how can I make the fronts?


  1. Kai; I like your coice of Al Parker pieces and your poster ideas. Do you have photographs of the women in these positions? You will need to work from photographs like Al Parker did. Use photographs for the pencil drawing on the big sheet of paper. Bring the big sheet to class on Monday - I will teach everyone how to paint.

  2. yes, i have some photos for those positions.